Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Day 4: Yourself

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So, today I came with a reflexion for you guys since this week's posts have been kind of boring.

The other day, I was checking out the videos of some youtubers I follow, and I found out a new Connor Franta's video (clicking on the underlined word) talking about selfconfidence and loving oneself and I really liked and agreed with him, he was totally right.

So my reflection is: Are we being carried along by society and all that stuff that TV, advertisements, etc. wants us to believe? Are we loosing our own thoughts and personality?

All right, maybe is not that much, but how many girls or boys have you seen hating themselves because they don't look like the perfect girl or boy? How many girls or boys have you seen saying that they would like to look prettier, or thinner? And how many that have hold up a joke about their appearance and even think these people were right? I'm sure it's been more than one, and more than two and tree.

What I mean is that, nowadays, if you don't look either like that or that, you are ugly, or not good or not cool enough; and if you don't either like doing this or this you are a looser.
That's not the point; the point is that you are who you are, and you only have one life, and you'd better take the advantadge and enjoy it if you don't want to regret it when you look like an old you.

Basically, I wanna say that doesen't matter if you are tall, if you are short, if you look too fat, if you look too thin, if you like boys, if you like girls, if you like that band or if you like whatever; just be who you truly feel you are, do what you like to do, and don't be ashamed of being yourself.

I really think that everyone is beautifull, doesen't matter how we look; we have our own special part and we have to find it and be proud of it, because this is who we are, this is who we want to be and doesen't matter what the people say, if we feel good with ourselves we won't care the other's opinion, because what really counts in life is us, and we have to make it real.

So, that's all for today, I'll see you guys next Saturday.
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